Who Do They Hurt?


Good films are expensive to make and are valuable products. If consumers want to continue to see the movies they love, they have to stand up against movie thieves. If piracy goes unchecked the number of films and TV programs made in Hong Kong and overseas could decline.

The Hong Kong film industry is already fragile, with pressures on funding and resources, and like all film industries across the world, subject to ups and downs. Piracy is placing an additional burden on the industry. By not buying pirate DVDs, Hong Kong consumers can support wonderful films and TV programs made in Hong Kong and from all over the world.

Consumers should also be aware of the negative social impact that movie thieves have on Hong Kong. Many customs raids on movie pirates uncover hard-core pornography. There are also increasing links between movie thieves and organized crime, with pirates regularly linked to property theft, drug dealing and violence.

Some pirate films have no censorship classification or have been refused classification - the kinds of films rejected by Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority (TELA) in Hong Kong because of themes such as sexual violence and which are effectively banned.